Floor Guide

Floor Guide Floor Guide

Features of Each Room at
Kojimachi NADAMAN Fukuoka Bettei

Each room has been meticulously designed so that you can fully enjoy dishes and conversation there.

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Display Shelf

A wide variety of crafts from Fukuoka
Prefecture are displayed.

Special Exhibition

Crafts from the prefecture are on display to celebrate the opening of the restaurant. Feel free to take a look.

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  • Pickup 03 Hakata Doll Pickup 01Hakata Doll

    It is said that craftsmen of the Kuroda domain, which once ruled Fukuoka, started making Hakata dolls. Presently displayed at the restaurant is a Hakata doll with the shape of the anime character Sazae-san. This is a special doll created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the former Nishijinmachi into Fukuoka City.

  • Pickup 04 Koisiwara Ware Pickup 02Koishiwara Ware

    The attractive feature of the ceramics lies in its simple and robust beauty for practical use. Unique techniques such as Tobi-kanna and Hakeme are used for the ceramics. A work by Living National Treasure Mr. Zenzo Fukushima is on display at the restaurant.

  • Pickup 01 Ashiya Kettle Pickup 03Ashiya Kettle

    On September 2, 2022, Ashiya kettles were designated as a special craft by the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture.
    As tea-ceremony kettles made of cast iron, they are characterized by their noble "Shinnari" shape and elegant patterns on the body. Currently displayed in the restaurant is a work with the Hamamatsu pattern, which is regarded as auspicious.

  • Pickup 02 Kokura Textile Pickup 04Kokura Textile

    This thick, durable, smooth cotton features striped patterns. Together with Ashiya kettles, Kokura textile was also designated as a special craft by the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture on the same date. This item is often presented as a congratulatory gift. From among many types of striped patterns, an especially auspicious pattern has been selected to celebrate the opening of the restaurant.