Floor Guide

Floor Guide Floor Guide

Features of Each Room at
Kojimachi NADAMAN Fukuoka Bettei

Each room has been meticulously designed so that you can fully enjoy dishes and conversation there.

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Display Shelf

A wide variety of crafts from Fukuoka
Prefecture are displayed.

Special Exhibition

Now on display are craftworks selected under the theme of “uguisu color,” the color of bush warbler feathers close to olive green, which represents the brand concept of Kojimachi NADAMAN Fukuoka Bettei. We are sure these will be a feast for your eyes!

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  • Pickup 01 Hakata-ori Textile Pickup 01Hakata-ori Textile

    Hakata-ori is a traditional textile featuring a beautiful luster and thickness. It originated in Hakata, now part of Fukuoka, approximately 780 years ago as a result of sustained efforts to improve weaving techniques introduced from China. Hakata Obi—Hakata-ori sashes—do not loosen once they are tied. They symbolize the spirit of the people of Hakata.

  • Pickup 02 Agano Ware Pickup 02Agano Ware

    In the Edo period, Agano ware was highly valued as works of the kiln that served the Kokura Domain’s successive lords from the Hosokawa clan and then the Ogasawara clan. It was also treasured by tea ceremony masters as coming from one of the seven kilns loved by Kobori Enshu, a famous tea connoisseur. Agano ware is characterized by unique depth created by beautiful glaze on thin and light clay.

  • Pickup 03 Fukuoka Multiple Layer Craft Glass Pickup 03Fukuoka Multiple Layer Craft Glass

    Fukuoka Multiple Layer Craft Glass is glassware created with a special technique of adding many layers of glass with different properties, featuring graceful curves and vivid colors. This glassware has been created for about 100 years.

  • Pickup 04 Tsuyazaki Dolls Pickup 04Tsuyazaki Dolls

    Tsuyazaki dolls are simple unglazed ceramic dolls, dating back about 230 years. Each doll is created by combining two molds that have been handed down through generations of artisans. These dolls feature tremendous stability and strong, vivid coloring.