Lunch Dinner Drink


  • ・Miino Kotobuki - tobindori -
    Junmai daiginjo (Tachiarai Town, Mii-gun) This best high-end junmai daiginjo sake was made possible by carefully selecting sake rice from among Itoshima-grown Yamadanishiki and by leveraging time-tested brewing techniques. 2,000yen
  • ・Oga
    Junmai daiginjo(Chikushino City) This sake has a gentle aroma with a slightly dry taste. The refined umami (or rice flavors) bursts as it fills your mouth. 1,300yen
  • ・Shigemasu - shizuku shibori -
    Daiginjo (Yame City) This luxury sake consists only of shizukuzake or drip sake that naturally dropped without external pressure from hanged filter bags with moromi or sake mash inside and collects at the bottom of the tank. 2,200yen
  • ・Daiginjo Gokujo Kitaya
    Daiginjo (Yame City) This sake results from polishing Yamadanishiki rice produced in Fukuoka Prefecture down to 35%, fermenting it during the coldest period of winter and employing a drip-pressing method called shizuku shibori. 2,200yen
  • ・Kikubijin
    Daiginjo (Miyama City) Known as the tipple of choice for the poet Kitahara Hakushu, this sake is produced without regard to cost. As soon as you drink it, you will experience the well-rounded palate, followed by a ginjo fruity aroma and fine delicate flavors filling your mouth--something that the brewer has single-mindedly pursued. 1,300yen
  • ・Kamenoo
    Tokubetsu honjozo (Munakata City) Ranked as tokubetsu honjozo, this sake was brewed from Yamadanishiki rice, produced in Fukuoka Prefecture and polished down to 60%. With refreshing sensations in your mouth and crisp, smooth finish, you cannot get enough of it. 1,000yen
  • ・Wakanami
    Honjozo (Okawa City) Characterized by a refreshing flavor, smooth taste, and pleasant, light finish, this sake pairs well with various dishes. 950yen
  • ・Wakanami
    Junmai ginjo, Yamadanishiki rice (Okawa City) Produced with 100% Yamadanishiki rice from Itoshima in Fukuoka Prefecture, this sake is characterized by its stylish flavor and effusively delicate and subtle taste. 1,500yen
  • ・Ikekame Kamejirush
    Daiginjo (Kurume City) The gorgeous, refined flavor of ginjo and the rich, mellow flavor of rice like ripened fruit in this top-quality daiginjo sake will captivate you. 1,800yen
  • ・Suisui
    Junmai ginjo (Kurume City) This stylish ginjo sake exhibits a ginjo light, fruity aroma, refined sweetness, and moderate umami or rice flavors. Its pure and refreshing taste will tempt you to have another cup or more. 1,500yen
  • ・Niwa no Uguisu
    Junmai ginjo (Kurume City) This sake is brewed by adopting the latest fermentation theory and brewing techniques. It's brewed under the motto "produce sake for this day and age." 1,000yen
  • ・Kanhokuto
    Junmai ginjo (Kama City) This sake is made 100% with Yamadanishiki produced under contract farming in Kama in Fukuoka Prefecture. With Kumamoto yeast used for fermentation, it has a refined flavor. 1,800yen
  • ・Onga no Shizuku
    Karakuchi(dry) junmai ginjo (Onga Town) Brewed from Yumeikkon, a sake rice variety that is native to Fukuoka Prefecture and harvested in Onga Town, this sake has a clean and dry flavor with excellent smoothness on the throat. 1,200yen
  • ・Tanaka Rokujugo
    Junmaishu (Itoshima City) This sake has a refreshing, mild flavor, concentrated umami of rice, and acidity, all of which perfectly harmonize. An ultimate sake for serving with meals, it enhances your food, let alone its own lusciousness. 1,000yen
  • ・Tenshin
    Junmai ginjo (Kitakyushu City) This sake uses as its primary ingredients rice produced in Yahata in Kitakyushu City and underflow water from Sarakura Mountain Range. It is carefully brewed after the ingredients are fermented manually throughout the process. 1,000yen
  • ・Hakata no Mori
    Junmai ginjo (Umi Town, Kasuya-gun) Brewed from Itoshima-grown Yamadanishiki rice that was polished down to 60%, this sake produces novel taste sensations with an extremely dry flavor. It is endowed with both a clean aftertaste and dry, yet easy-drinking appeal. 950yen
  • ・Shun
    Junmaishu (Ukiha City) This junmaishu sake is made from Yamadanishiki rice polished down to 60% in pursuit of a subtle aroma, pleasant, light flavor, and a mild, yet crisp taste. 1,000yen
  • ・Icchomanpo
    Junmaishu (Iizuka City) This flavorful and slightly dry junmaishu sake is made with Hinohikari rice from the Chikuho area, grown without pesticides using the ancient art of rice-duck farming. 1,200yen


  • Mugi barley shochu

    ・Tsukushi Black (Chikugo City) The firm, deep flavor that defines this sake is produced by distilling moromi (sake mash) made from traditional black rice koji or malt via an atmospheric distillation process. The addition of unprocessed shochu that has been aged at least five years produces a mildly rich flavor. 650yen
  • ・Harushizuku Mugi Barley (Kurume City) Using 100% Harushizuku barley from the Chikugo area in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, this sake is distinguished by a subtle, lingering sweetness with a full-bodied taste, finished with black malted rice and natural water. 700yen
  • ・Keikotonarumo (Asakura City) This sake can only be shipped after nothing but Kyushu barley (from the Tsukushi-Heiya area) is brewed and distilled at a normal pressure, and then aged for a period of three years. A breath of the fragrantly rich flavor of barley itself drifts inside the sweet, mellow and crisp taste of this aged sake. 950yen
  • Sweet potato shochu

    ・Jiritsu (Umi Town, Kasuya-gun) This features a mild flavor derived from Joy White sweet potato used as its main ingredient. It has an easy-drinking appeal with a fruity aroma and pleasant mouthfeel. 800yen
  • ・Jinku (Yame City) This shochu is atmospherically distilled with Kogane Sengan sweet potato fermented with black malted rice in pots. Savor its exquisite umami and sweetness unique to sweet potato shochu and at the same time its invigorating, refined aroma. 850yen
  • Sake lees shochu

    ・Ginkoro (Kurume City) It features an elegant, fruit-like ginjo aroma that only ginjo sake lees could produce and a clean, invigorating mouthfeel, which makes itself easy to drink. 700yen
  • Rice shochu

    ・ Sennen Nebosuke (Tachiarai Town, Mii-gun) A very elaborate piece of work in single-minded pursuit of optimal fermentation, this shochu is totally free of enzyme preparations or other additives. It has mildness reminiscent of its maturity and flavor evoked from rice, creating ease of drinking. 650yen
  • Goma(sesame) shochu

    ・Beniotome (Kurume City) This shochu is left to mature for long periods, giving itself a mild taste and refined, mellow sesame flavor. Its uniqueness is akin to cognac or whiskey. 650yen


  • Wine by the glass

    ・Red / White 800yen
  • White wine

  • ・Robert Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Grigio
    (California) It features a mild flavor derived from grapes grown in cool climate regions. With your first sip with a fresh aroma hitting your nose, comes in sequence flavors of honey, ripe melon, mineral and citrus. 6,000yen
  • ・Château Mercian Hokushin Chardonnay
    (Japan) This wine is produced by fermenting Chardonnay grapes separately according to each vineyard block in the Hokushin region and blending their respective strengths in an exquisite balance. You can experience the full strength created by an excellent fusion of a tropical, fruity flavor and fresh acidity. 8,000yen
  • ・San Marino Jinja Vino Bianco (The Republic of San Marino) This white wine, light and easy to drink, has a great affinity particularly with fish dishes, with seafood bringing out the best in the Bianco. 7,500yen
  • ・Dom. Long Depaquit Chablis (France) This wine has scents of white flower and flint with an aroma faintly suggestive of almond. Savor the well-balanced, elegant flavor. 10,000yen
  • Red wine

  • ・Albert Bichot Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes de Pinot Noir
    (France) Featuring a rich concentration of aroma, this wine has pleasing fruity flavors of blackcurrant, redcurrant and plum. Its rich aroma that hits your nose first is followed by a comforting finish with oaked notes. 6,000yen
  • ・San Marino Jinja Vino Rosso
    (The Republic of San Marino) A 100% Sangiovese wine, clean on the palate, light-bodied and easy-drinking, this wine can be enjoyed with meals and is a fine match not only for meats but also grilled fish. 7,500yen
  • ・Albert Bichot Gevrey Chambertin La Cuvée du Général Legrand
    (France) This wine offers a flattering nose of ripe red fruits with a nuance of spice and oak. It is full of concentrated fruit flavors and strength with crisp tannins forming the basis of the structure. 14,000yen
  • ・Chateau Mercian Hosaka Muscat Bailey A
    (Japan) This red wine is produced by leaving Muscat Bailey A with high maturity and pungent acidity to ferment in oak barrels for a long time. A sweet bouquet with notes of red fruits and refreshing acidity creates a complex aroma, satisfying your palate. 7,000yen
  • Sparkling wine

    ・San Marino Jinja Vino Frizzante
    (The Republic of San Marino) It is an adult-oriented semi-sparkling wine, distinguished by fine bubbles formed when poured in a glass, and accompanied by faintly acidic flavors. It creates quite dry bubbles despite its appearance, with flavorful juices of Chardonnay condensed in it. 7,500yen


  • ・Kirin Ichiban Shibori Premium, Draft 800yen
  • ・Kirin Ichiban Shibori Premium, Draft, Small size 580yen
  • ・Kirin Ichiban Shibori, Medium bottle 780yen
  • ・Kirin alcohol-free beer 550yen

Umeshu(plum liquor) (on the rocks, with water, or with soda)

  • ・Mojiko Banana Umeshu (Umimachi, Kasuya-gun) 680yen
  • ・Dazaifu no Umeshu Kochinoume (Chikushino City) 780yen
  • ・Amaou strawberry Umeshu (Asakura City) 780yen

Sour / Chuhai
(spirits with soda water / Shochu highball)

  • ・Lemon juice sour 680yen
  • ・Grapefruit juice sour 680yen
  • ・Oolong tea high 680yen
  • ・Yame tea high 780yen
  • ・Amaou strawberry juice sour 780yen
  • ・Hokoakashiso Sour (Onga Town) 780yen


  • ・White Horse 680yen

Whiskey (on the rocks, with water, or with soda)

  • ・Fuji Sanroku 1,600yen
  • ・The Macallan 12 Years 1,700yen
  • ・Laphroaig 10 Years 1,500yen

Soft Drinks

  • ・Coke 450yen
  • ・Ginger Ale 450yen
  • ・Orange juice 450yen
  • ・Black Oolong Tea 500yen
  • ・Hildon Sparkling Water 780yen
  • ・Fukuoka Prefecture-grown kyoho
    (a large blackish-purple grape) vinegar cider
  • ・Yame tea Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro
    (Top-quality green tea)
  • ・Yame tea sencha
    (infused in cold water) 480yen
  • ・Yame tea sencha
    (hot tea) 480yen
*The above prices include tax. Drinks will be served by glass. If you prefer your drink in a bottle, please contact our staff.


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